PhotoFozzie’s third charity exhibition is due

PhotoFozzie’s third charity exhibition is due

We are happy to share that our third “Focus Inside” Exhibition is about to take place. This time the occasion is the 15th anniversary of the “Solidarnost” Project and the 10th anniversary of the National Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Helpline.

The event will take place on July 9, 2018 (Monday) at 18:30 at The Fridge, 6B General Parensov Str., Sofia.

The Solidarnost program has been fulfilling its mission since 2003 – rehabilitation and social integration of dependent people for autonomous life. In 2010, we created our other structure – the National Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Helpline, and at the end of 2015, we launched the social service „Posoka House“ targeting addicts who actively use drugs and alcohol and have not yet decided to change and engage in treatment.

The activity of our photographic studio „PhotoFozzie“ has been developing for 3 years as part of the Solidarnost Rehabilitation program. Workshops are an essential part of the therapeutic process of rehabilitation and people’s transition and realization in life after the treatment process. For three years now, the atelier has been organizing and conducting charitable exhibitions with different themes. With this exhibition, PhotoFozzie self-finances and supports the Solidarnost program.

“Focus Inside” is a thematic exhibition of photographs taken by clients, the rehabilitation program team and professional photographers. The idea of ​​the exhibition is borrowed from one of our focus groups, focusing on the inner world of people in rehabilitation and their relationship within the group. „Focus Inside“ enables us to focus our attention on ourselves and our own experiences; to think about fears, pains and unspoken words; to remember our dreams and goals; to understand how the nuances of our inner reality dictate the perception of the outside world; our relationships with others.

Copies of all the exhibits of the exhibition will be available for purchase at the event and then on the Facebook page of the studio.

Come on in!