Our cause

What is „PhotoFozzie“

PhotoFozzie is a photography and creative workshop within the Rehabilitation program for dependent people “Solidarnost”. The idea of its creation came from the participants in the program – through their personal interest, the need and the desire to find a way to express themselves, to enter the society as „normal“ people and to find a way to be satisfied with themselves in everyday life.

The photos you see on the site are a great addition to the interior of your home, office or shop, as well as a unique gift for a loved one. Natural and urban landscapes, sealed moments of meetings with the exotic and the beautiful, communication and connection, are some of the key themes in the photographs we offer you.

Here (https://www.fotofozzie.com/) you can read the description of how to select and order photography from the site in three easy steps.

In addition to photographs, we also produce post cards for various occasions.

Our cause has two directions:

  • To help people who have are battling addiction in their recovery road through self-expression and social inclusion. Twice a month, volunteer photographers train the participants in the photographic art program. The training includes theoretical knowledge, techniques and practice – taking pictures in the natural environment. The best photos are available for sale here on the site. Participants maintain a Facebook page that promotes their activity and increases audience engagement with the cause: https://www.facebook.com/fotofozzie/
  • Our other aim is to support the financing of the workshop by selling amateur and professional photographs. The photographers are participants in the “Solidarnost” Rehabilitation Program, part of the “Solidarnost” team, volunteers and professional photographers.

The money coming from the sale of photos and postcards will be used to buy photographic accessories, photographic equipment and the planning of exhibitions. Our dream is to one day have our own studio. 25% of the value of the photo goes to its author – as a motivation and a reward for his work.

Visit our site https://www.solidarnost-bg.org/en/ to get more information about our organization – Solidarnost ARAP, its history, activities and programs..